Park Ranger Zoe

Join Park Ranger Zoe in her first interactive and educational adventure!


Join Park Ranger Zoe in her first interactive and educational adventure!

This app includes matching cards to challenge young kids. It also helps children become proficient with word, sound and character recognition as well as teaches them (and you) fun facts about the animals.


Special Features

  • Matching card game of 4, 6 or 8 animals complete with custom illustration, sound effects and Zoe’s voice over. Kids will feel like they accomplished something special as they complete each level and hear other kids clapping and see confetti falling down.
  • Gallery of animals to tap and learn about. Once you tap on an animal there are 4 or more incredible facts about them that you probably never knew yourself! It makes for a lot of fun and special time to laugh and learn with your child.
  • Engaging content with beautiful art and illustrations – The app features original sound, music and beautifully illustrated artwork.
  • Celebrate achievements by gradually increasing the difficulty level.
  • Available in English and Spanish.


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my 3 year old be so proud of himself and say MOMMY, MOMMY, thats a Donkey and it goes HEEHAW!

Jennifer Oliva

This will be perfect to keep the kids distracted while I drive

Dorett Pataky

I love love love this app! Perfect for my little ones

Vanessa Ruxin


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