Zombie Smack

The ZOMBIES want to eat your brains!


Ready to get ZombieSmacked?

Are you fast enough with your fingers?

Can you handle the Zombie madness that is inside this game? We don’t think you can handle this game….PROVE US WRONG!!!

The ZOMBIES want to eat your brains!!! Can you stop them???

OBJECTIVE: Defend your house from the zombie apocalypse.

  • TILT Smack your device to rotate the camera angle.
  • SWIPE Smack the zombies up to kill them, if your fast enough. If not, you will get SMACKED!
  • SNIPER Smack to kill zombies and get coins.
  • REPAIR Smack your fence to delay the invasion.
  • DROP Smack bombs to blow the zombies up.


Special features

  • Upgrade your sniperSmack to slow the zombies down when you’re aiming.
  • Upgrade your rifleSmack clip to fire more bullets without reloading.
  • Upgrade your fenceSmack to make it stronger, and so you don’t get ZombieSmacked.
  • Upgrade your bombsSmack to make it them powerful.
  • Buy bulletsSmack and bombsSmack, to help keep you alive during the Zombie invasion.


I really like the protect your house from zombies idea! I can’t seem to stop wanting to spinning the screen around 😉 fun and engaging game play.


Cool experience, will recommend it!


This looks cool! Is it similar to the SIMS gaming mode?

Ali Pacres


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